Map Of World Happiness

From Technovelgy’s website

According to a fascinating website called technovelgy a group at the university of Leicester has attempted to map the average subjective feeling of well-being found in various countries. In other words, where are people the happiest?  And why?

The novel y1 takes a look at what makes humans feel joyful and writing the book  forced me to consider the nature of happiness. It didn’t surprise me that the number one correlation found was with good health.   After that, having the necessities for survival,   personal freedom and access to education all factored in. It ties into my own epiphany on the subject that humans can endure much as long as they think that they have the power to eventually improve their own situation.

And the happiest folks live where?  Denmark and Switzerland, according to this study. But please note that folks in Oman, Venezuela, Malaysia, and the U.S. are all pretty content on the average as well.

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    • Thanks — I’ll check out your book. I spent a little time in Denmark this summer and really enjoyed it. Twice we ended up on train cars that were stopped for unexplained mechanical problems and everybody just waited calmly for twenty or thirty minutes until things were fixed. Everyone that is but us five Americans who were squirming and complaining and demanding answers 🙂


    • I lived in Malmoe , Sweden for 5 years in the 1980s and many Swedes would say half joking that the best part of Malmoe , Sweden was Copenhagen , Denmark. I have a really fun giveaway on my blog so aside from other prices you could win TBOD. I am very excited as I have danish guests arriving on Sat. for a few days.
      Have a very Happy Thanksgiving,


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