What if?

What if you could do far more than you realize?  What if you could do things that others would consider z2 cover impossible?

The collection of books called 46. Ascending asks this question as five very different members of a family each discover that they respond to danger by developing skills that appear to defy logic. The next novel in the collection will be released on Amazon in late January.

Meet Alex Zeitman.  An injury ended his hopeful basketball career decades ago and today he coaches, teaches physics, and parents three talented quirky children alongside his rather odd wife Lola. His country school has a long history with organized hate groups and a sad tradition of bigotry, and the recent influx of Latino immigrants has brought out new intolerance. But when the administration itself looks like it wants to turn the clock backwards to an era of white supremacy, Alex can no longer sit idle.

Then an old friend from his own high school days reappears along with an ancient Mayan mystery that Alex can help solve, and suddenly Alex has his hands full. The past and present  intertwine as both sets of issues force Alex to come to terms with the time altering talents that he thought that he left behind years ago on a basketball court.  As he and his family find themselves in danger, Alex struggles to regain his unique relationship with time before legacies from long ago  harm those he loves, and before his own era loses a rare opportunity to bridge the past and the future.

Dancing for joy


From Viva Institute, a site for nutritional counseling and holistic care of the mind, body and spirit. Please click on the image to visit the website.

It is the winter solstice, the time  in the northern hemisphere when nights are the longest and when the power of daylight begins once again to grow.  This celebration of the light reverberates throughout our holiday traditions as we collectively share the joy of the lengthening day.

Dancing for joy is a part of these rituals, and is so beautifully captured in images across the web.  I share one of my favorites here, from a holistic health site that I hope you will thank with a quick visit.

I also share my thanks for your visit to my blog, and with those thanks go my wishes to you for joy, for light and for dancing (and not necessary in that order) as you embrace or invent your own traditions of happiness and share them over the holidays with those that you love.


y1 in paperback! y1 in paperback free! Other paperbacks free!

It gives meauthor (2) great delight to be able to tell folks that if they have an interest in reading my second novel, y1, and either do not use or not not like electronic readers, they now can easily get y1 in paperback here.  Better yet, having a physical novel now allows me to offer free giveaways on Goodreads and those interested can click here to enter to win a free copy shipped right to them. Because this looks like an excellent way to make potential readers aware of the book, I hope to continue these giveaways on a fairly continuous basis.

If you like that sort of thing (free books that is) Goodreads apparently gives away a lot of paperback books. Click on my link above and you can go exploring for more from there.

Defending my marriage

Picture3Yeah.  I really am going to post about that.

A few weeks ago my husband and I celebrated 31 years of marriage. Truthfully, it was less “wahoo” and more “how the hell did that happen?”  You see, sometimes he really, truly pisses me off. As I do him. Yet, we have grown together for so many decades that we are now two plants that intertwine so thoroughly that we can’t be separated. We support and caress each other in some spots, while in other places we grow at odds so that we can each allow the other the sunlight and space that we need.  I suspect, for all its ups and downs, that our friendship and our love is what a good marriage is. And yet, what we have is apparently under vicious attack. The Supreme Court just announced that it will consider U.S.A. vs Windsor, a constitutional challenge to the “Defense of Marriage Act”, a law that is supposed to be protecting my husband and I.  DOMA.  And it is protecting our relationship from what exactly?

There are two romantic relationships  in the novel y1. Heterosexual couple Joy and Toby have challenges to overcome but, of course, love triumphs.  I am at heart a romantic. Homosexual couple Zane and Afi have the same issues and a good many more. International boundaries separate them, and their is love is actually illegal in Afi’s home. It will take nothing less than fully recognized marital status to resolve their issues. Legalities matter.  Oh but wait.  Fully recognized marital status for these two young lovers is a threat to my marriage, because ….  because?

What does it take to make a marriage work for thirty one years? My husband and I had the blessings of society and few of the difficulties often faced by others.  We are the same age, race, and religion. Most of our problems we caused all by ourselves. Luckily, we dealt with them. The biggest threat to finding solutions? A cynical society that often conveyed the message of “oh, just give up if gets tough”.  Romance is dead.  No relationship can last. Nobody’s ever happy in a long term relationship. It’s a powerful message that is out there and, I know from experience that it does not help a couple push through those tough times and find a way to make it work.

So today, I am picking up my pen and defending my marriage. Yes, allowing two people in love to have all the legal support for making their relationship last, helps my marriage too. That’s right. A world where love and long term commitment between any two people is honored is a world in which making ones own long term commitment work is just a little bit easier.  It helps every single married couple if every time two people, any two people, find the courage and desire to make a commitment to each other, we don’t just tolerate.  We celebrate with them.

Obviously, I am not saying that marriage is right or preferred for everyone.  But if it is what you have chosen, consider defending your marriage now.  Allow me to suggest signing Kirsten Gillibrand‘s petition to repeal DOMA by clicking here. Let’s really defend the institution of marriage!


y1 available at smashwords.com

When publishing an electronic book, the first decision to be made is whether to accept the Kindle “deal”.  It’s called Kindle Select and Amazon pushes it hard.  Give us all the electronic rights to your novel for at least 90 days, they say, and we will put you in a lending library that can yield you big bucks AND we will let you give your book away for free during five special promotional days.

smashwords logoThe alternative is to say no, and to also publish your book at the iTunes store, Barnes and Nobel, Sony, Kobo, Deisel, etc.  Or, say no and publish your book on a little known website called smashwords.com that will distribute it to all of the above and then some.  Because I just plain like gutsy little endeavors like smashwords, I went this second route with my first novel x0. But, because I like comparing results, I tried the Kindle Select deal with y1.

And now, it is 91 days later. Total dollars from the Kindle lending library? Zero.  No surprise given that users can borrow just one book a month.  Total promotional copies of y1 given away? 675.  This is a number that brings me a good deal of joy and I can only hope that some of these folks actually read the book.

The exciting thing about this being day 91 is that it means that I can legally and ethically make y1 available on smashwords today and so I have. It can now be downloaded in a format to print out or to read on almost anything.  Please check out the nifty smashwords page for the book.

And for those potential readers who just do not want to read a book electronically?  Good news.  Over the next couple of weeks y1 will also become available IN PAPERBACK through Amazon.com.  More details will follow.