Meet the Characters

Because this novel has many characters with unfamiliar names, this book contains a list of characters located at the very end. In the electronic versions of Shape of Secrets there is a live link to this list in the Table of Contents.

Alphabetical List of Characters:
Afi: fire dancer from Kiribati
Alex: Zane’s dad
Ariel: Zane’s sister
Aunt Summer: Zane’s closest aunt
Balthazar: Zane’s pet chameleon
Barantiti: Afi’s birth name
Bhadra: Zane’s adolescent friend
Biribo: Afi’s father
Brenda Mills: head of marketing at Penthes Pharmaceuticals
Britta: Zane’s college friend and roommate
Chloe: Zane’s friend at work and Peter Hulson’s granddaughter
Darlene Hulson: Peter Hulson’s deceased wife
Doug: Joy’s ex-fiancé
Gil: a mid-level manager at Penthes
Gina Cabrini: Joy’s mother
Harold: a private detective who works for Neil
I-Kiribati: people from Kiribati
I-Matang: people not from Kiribati
Joel: Chloe’s brother, Peter Hulson’s grandson
Josh: the marketing department’s go-to guy for attractive PowerPoint presentations
Joy Cabrini: Peace Corps volunteer teaching in Fiji
Judge Joseph Cabrini: Joy’s father
Lola: Zane’s mother
Mark Hadley: head of the “Turn Around Your Teen in the Tropics” academies
Miss Demeanor: Toby’s boat
Neil Bennet: COO of Penthes Pharmaceuticals
Nikolas: employee and friend of Pete Jr.
Paula: Peter Hulson’s daughter, Chloe’s aunt
Pete Jr.: Peter Hulson’s son
Peter Hulson Sr.: founder of Penthes Pharmaceuticals
Raju: head of research at Penthes
Raven: new employee in marketing at Penthes and Zane’s friend
Ruti: Afi’s mother
Sylvia: Chloe’s mother
Teddie: Zane’s youngest sister
Tiemti: Toby’s friend in Kiribati
Toby Axton: Single-handed sailor who lives on Miss Demeanor
Va’iga: assistant headmaster at a “Turn Around Your Teen in the Tropics” school
Ximena: an imaginary custodian at Penthes
Ying: a frequent visitor to Penthes employees’ favorite bar
Zane: a young man with an unusual ability to alter his appearance