This happens to be my favorite holiday of the year. I love to cook, I love to eat, I love a guaranteed four day week-end and I love a day that forces me to stop and reflect on the amazing number of blessings in my life.

A year ago I wasn’t sure exactly what a blog was. Today I not only have two of them that I enjoy immensely, but thanks to blogging I have been exposed to more interesting ideas and people than any resident of quiet little Conroe Texas could expect. I give thanks for this lifeline to a great big fascinating world

I’ll share the day with my boyfriend.  We’ve been married for 31 years now and he remains the best friend ever.  Our son will share the day with us for the first time in 11 years. Hooray! Our UT daughter, clad in burnt orange, now makes the best green bean casserole in the world.  We will miss our middle child, but she celebrates the day with my sister in Illinois and a family skype date will  have us all laughing and toasting, and will remind me that I’m thankful for the technology in my life as well as for the people to which it links me.

Two years ago I decided that it was time to start writing those novels that I dreamed of for decades. I’ve written two of them now.  Tomorrow and Saturday will be my last  free promotion days for y1 on Please grab a copy if you like.  Next week-end I get to finally publish y1 on smashwords, a website that not only sells the book directly but distributes it to Apple, Barnes and Noble and others.  I’m quite excited.  And very thankful for the chance to pursue a dream, for the good health to make it happen, and for the sheer joy of getting to do something that I love.

Do I feel thankful today?  You bet I do …..

y1 free: you can do it tomorrow

If you would like to download y1 to your kindle FOR FREE and missed the first promotional day, you can do it tomorrow.  Sunday September 23, y1 is available for free download at

I love the phrase “you can do it tomorrow.”  Today is technically the first day of autumn and it is seventy degrees with a clear blue sky in Houston.  Trust me this is not a common occurance here in late September or, as we locals call it, mid-summer. When something this unusual happens, you need to pour  yourself a morning beverage and sit on your front porch. And if your messy kitchen or pile of dirty laundry or other inside chore calls to you ….. you yell back over your shoulder  “I can do it tomorrow.”  Or at least later this afternoon….because  autumn mornings need to be enjoyed.