You Make Me High

The celebrations have wound down, and the fitness center parking lot is almost full as we collectively turn towards the gods of “let’s get this nonsense under control.” Less food, less alcohol, fewer late nights, and no more spending, we promise with one voice. At least through January.

I’m cleaning up things professionally and personally here, and am back to documenting the music I refer to in each novel. I love the songs I chose for my main characters, but it is a little more work to do this kind of blogging. Just writing whatever I feel like is so much easier.

But, it is January. Time to get serious and get the things that need doing done. So I was happy to find that the first song up was Kelis’s sensual, beautiful “Fireworks.” Ah, a bit of the December celebrations lingers on in this music.

What follows is a short excerpt from y1 about the song, and then then her classic video which somehow makes me think of the way every New Years Eve should feel.

The threesome continued to work together with a soft, easy rhythm, but Toby knew that the situation worked well because he was clearly in charge. In some situations, like on a small boat on a big sea, democracy remains a poor tool for day-to-day decision-making. So he gave reasonable orders with ample information, and his crew of two complied and gave input when asked or when they felt they had something important to contribute. It worked.

The only area of command that Toby gracefully relinquished was his control of the music. Clearly he was never going to enter the third millennium tune-wise if he didn’t let somebody younger serve as the boat DJ. He had to smile as Joy and Afi spent hours collaborating quietly over Joy’s MP3 player and selecting song sequences for his evaluation. Many got a thumbs down within seconds, before the three of them finally realized that current dance music was the one genre that they all consistently liked. So the latter days of the journey were spent listening to 2010’s top hot dance club songs, which had been downloaded by Joy in Fiji.

True to his promise to provide Toby with more current music about fire, Afi frequently blared the new Kelis single “4th of July” while he and Joy often belted out the lyrics in an effort to drown out the sound of the boat’s engine. After a couple of days Toby joined in the singing, and finally Kelis’ song became the preferred way of dealing with the occasional engine noise as baritone, tenor, and alto combined with all the volume each could produce. Joy promised Afi that she would download the video for him once they got to Toby’s little island hideaway. He just had to see all the great fire scenes in it.

Toby had to admit that he was enjoying the camaraderie and even just the distractions provided by his crew. Would their loyalty be as strong if they knew more about him? He tried to remember how he had left things at his place. What all was lying around? Would his crew even recognize the evidence of the other life he led? Most likely not. Nervously cleaning up once they arrived would only make him look dodgy. His best bet would be to open the place up to them and count on his new friends’ lack of interest in anything suspicious.

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Fireworks a few days late

fireworksI suspect that I care more about accuracy in my books than I should. I write fantasy, for heaven’s sake, or at least a fantasy/science fiction hybrid, but I still like to get things right. So when my fire dancing  character from Kiribati went looking for music he liked that referred to fire, I was compelled to eliminate any song that had not come out before 2011, the year in which the story y1 takes place.

And that’s a shame because that took a few good songs out of the running. To celebrate July 4th 2013, I am letting myself revisit some of the songs I wanted to use but didn’t.

Katy Perry’s Firework had the lyrics that fit, but its late 2010 release was just a month after the scene in the book where it belonged. Sigh …. so close ……  Here’s the video with some great fireworks images to enjoy.


Katy Perry – Firework

Monarchy’s The Phoenix Alive had just the sound I was looking for, but it came out in April 2010. Enjoy the official video here.


Monarchy – The Phoenix Alive

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