Jump for Joy

Click to visit Jump for Joy

Click to visit Jump for Joy

When I started blogging to promote my books, I had no idea the extent to which entering the world of bloggers would be its own reward. There is a joy to keeping a journal, and a feeling of accomplishment in working to make it interesting, well-written and attractive to others. Better than that, though, is that when random people like a post of yours, you look at their blog. And so many times you discover something wonderful.

I’ve been using the phrase “dance for joy” as a tag line for my novel y1. One of the main characters is a fire dancer from Kiribati and the story itself centers around the human need to seek joy in one’s own life. But jumping for joy is close, so when I came across a blog called Jump for Joy I had to check it out. Wow. It is a photo project “Showcasing the beauty of the human spirit — in mid-air — around the world”.

If looking through these beautiful photos of all kinds of people everywhere leaping into the air doesn’t make you smile all the way down to your bones, I don’t what will. Visit them and enjoy!


The look of joy ….

What does joy look like? Jumping (for joy) and dancing (for joy) seem to be the most common images. Here is one of my favorite from the Viva Institute.


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Photography works too, and here is another sure to make you smile. It comes from Oprah’s blog.

Click to read 21 Rules for Everyday Senseless Joy by Leigh Newman

Click for 21 Rules for Everyday Senseless Joy by Leigh Newman

But perhaps humor works best of all. This image doesn’t involve leaping, but it filled me with joy all the same. 🙂

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Click to visit American Kabuki

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